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web_designing Creative Website Designs: The art of web design takes time to master. Everyone seems to know someone who “Does Website”. At Euros Media we do not compete against bedroom developers or someone who makes websites in their spare time. We produce web art in our designs. Custom and bespoke designs that fit your target audience and your brand identity. We focus on your competition, analyse and study what works and doesn’t work in your business and with details consultation with you in hand, we lock ourselves away and produce stunning, standard compliant web sites that penetrate the online environment to engage and retain web users. Our Portfolio shows some of the designs and work we have created from simple brochure websites, flash interactive sites, complex database driven applications and E-commerce stores, all built for success, all built to be Compliant for web standards and Accessibility.
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web_designing Content Management System (CMS): Is your Content Management System too complicated, too restrictive, not enough tools or flexibility to allow your website to grow along with your business, as well as having a HUGE price tag attached?. Euros Media's user friendly CMS, is super powerful allowing your website to engage customers and clients, grow as fast and unlimited as you wish, but retaining your processes and procedures as well as providing the flexibility you need. The CMS also produces complaint standards code (Xaspx, CSS & Accessibility) to ensure your site will be SEO. Come and have a look at it now, its the only way to know it is right for you. What’s the point of building an amazing website if no one knows it is there? SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, can involve a huge amount of factors that changes where in a search engine, your website gets listed. Learn More
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web_designing Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The key which everyone chases is to reach the top of Google. Likewise, MSN or Bing, Yahoo, ASK and other search engines provide a huge amount of traffic to websites.

Euros Media have several strategies for SEO from keyword insertion, re-coding a website, to full SEO marketing plan enabling link generation, directory building all starting with compliant websites. Here we will tell you what it takes to get your website to the top of Google & the SEO services we provide! Learn More

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web_designing E-commerce: Online shopping and E-commerce website development has seen a huge increase over the past 5 years. Online buyers are flooding the net, looking for well priced products from reputable and secure websites. Euros Media's E-commerce solution integrates with our AMAZING CMS, allowing you create, manage & edit your products, your store and your money online. E-commerc development doesn’t need to be hard, nor overly expensive, and our E-commerce development allows for your online store to be bespokely developed and will get your shop online fast and designed to hit your target audience promoting and strengthening your brand. As with all of our web site developments, your E-commerce store will be compliant to web standards to help with Search Engine Optimisation, however more so we know our E-commerce website development will make you money and hopefully lots of it. So if you are selling training courses online, flowers or even digital downloads, then creating your own online store does not need to be complicated, & the return of investment will make the decision easy to use Euros Media for your website and E-commerce developers. Web Application & Bespoke Development: Well this is our foundation and our Geeks still LOVE it. Challenge us, test us, push us.... Bespoke application development we eat for breakfast. Software products are great and fit the bill for many products, however businesses always require specific needs to be met by digital solutions, from complex applications, to bespoke modules for their website or CMS. Euros Media thrives when a gauntlet challenge is thrown down. With all of our products developed in-house, we are constantly developing bespoke modules, retro fitting software to meet specific business applications. Come challenge us, we dare you! Learn More
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web_designing Email Marketing: A low cost marketing solution, received by millions but is it being taken up as Spam? With email closely monitored and every user in the world suffering from spam, the days of creating your own simple email as a marketing campaign are over, unless you want over 60% to end in a spam folder or get blocked by the corporate firewalls. However email marketing is still a super power house when it comes to low cost, and GREEN marketing. Using the right methods and professional design and distribution services, email marketing can be tracked, traced and followed through the Euros Media system, providing real statistics on the success of each mail out. It can increase your web traffic by 300-500% in a single day, increase sales by 200% in a single hour, and save you the cost of printing, mail outs, and reducing your carbon footprint in seconds. Learn More
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web_designing Google Adds & Pay per Click: Google Adds, AdWords, Key Word marketing, Google Analytics. all pretty easy to setup and get going. You can increase the traffic to your website with ease, creating and setting up accounts doesn’t take a genius, and doesn’t even take a web developer to do really. So why are we talking about it then? Online marketing comes with a full strategy, and working out if your targeting the right keywords, spending your AdWords budget correctly and the website is optimised for the Google Adds campaign you are running does take experience, and Euros Media have that experience. Majority of self run Google Add campaigns are overspending on wasted clicks, or over paying of the pay per click costs. Tweaking & optimising your Google Add campaign is essential to maximise on the right traffic and reduce marketing costs. Brand Designing & Online Marketing: Your specific audience, your target market, your customers are the ones that make your business work. Our designs are targeted to your users, to make them talk about you, talk to you and stay with you. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are the core marketing objectives of all businesses, leading to increase profits and quality reputation which we believe is golden. Encompassed within this design work from you brand through to the feel of your website, usability is critical to us, to ensure that your users have the best online experience. This goes hand in hand with online marketing in our perspective. If users love your website, then they will be your marketing tool, through online viral marketing campaigns as well as traditional marketing campaigns all supported with online strategies to push and promote you brand products & services. Learn More
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